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Affordable Luxury by the Lake

Abbeylawn Manor is a stately building surrounded by the Petticoat Creek Conservation Area. Along with the residents of Abbeylawn Manor, it has a long and storied history.

Since opening in 2007, we have brought the vision of a comfortable warm home to the residents of Abbeylawn Manor. Having invaluable staff is what makes this retirement home unique in this very competitive market.


Abbeylawn Manor provides a variety of services to create a comfortable living environment for seniors that assists with as much or as little care as required by each resident.

The skilled mix of care providers at the residence allows Abbeylawn to offer a full range of activities and programs to help seniors maintain as much independence as possible.

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A wide range of accommodations are available at Abbeylawn Manor, including small, medium, and large suites with large windows overlooking the beautiful grounds, as well as studio’s with kitchenette.

Residents are able to decorate their spacious suites with personal belongings to make it familiar and their own.

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Respite Care

Here at Abbeylawn Manor, we provide short-term care (up to 90 days) for loved ones to provide temporary relief for primary care-givers or family who otherwise provide care for a senior.

Our respite care programs are customized to the individual staying with us, and we provide a full range of nursing and supervision.

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Respect , Display Integrity, Excellence and Compassion

Abbeylawn Manor provides a home for seniors that assist with as much or as little care as is required by each individual  resident. This eliminates the need, in many cases, for a second stressful transition from retirement home to nursing home.

The skilled mix of care providers at the residence allows Abbeylawn to offer a full range of activities and programs to help seniors maintain independence, as well as offering palliative and respite care.

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